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Kay Nicole
Kay Nicole - Dag siden
I like your house I love your House
Manh Phammanh
Manh Phammanh - 13 dager siden
Bugatti chiron Asphalt8
Herobello Channel
Herobello Channel - 15 dager siden
Dude i only Level 30 on Asphalt 8
And know: Drift,Perfect Nitro, flat spin,barrel roll and more
And How did you get 600k Credits at Your First Race
I think your cheating
sock puppet
sock puppet - 16 dager siden
the best player in ashfult 8 me because i play so much on my moms phoun
Affaizul Mpk
Affaizul Mpk - 16 dager siden
Gobinda Karmakar
Gobinda Karmakar - 20 dager siden
Tap tow times on nitro
Aiko Velasco
Aiko Velasco - 20 dager siden
he said i need to stop breaking what you need is to stop talking and focus
Ammad Ali
Ammad Ali - 22 dager siden
just drift to turn better.
Shilpa Patluri
Shilpa Patluri - 25 dager siden
You don't no how to use nitro OMG
S H A N T H A K U M A R I - 27 dager siden
I have a corvette sting ray on asphalt 8 🙌🙌😅😅
exceed fz
exceed fz - 26 dager siden
congratts i have it to it feels like the top speed is more than 368 km/h
pratyaksh saroj
pratyaksh saroj - Måned siden
worst gamer ever seeen!!
Fares Anas
Fares Anas - Måned siden
sock puppet
sock puppet - Måned siden
i'm the best friend for dates I don't make but I break a little bit
gamer wolf 10
gamer wolf 10 - Måned siden
You are a noob at asphalt 8
raviraj upadhya
raviraj upadhya - Måned siden
asphalt 8 is my favorite game
MarvelClips - 2 måneder siden
wow good job
Lipsy Playz
Lipsy Playz - 2 måneder siden
I was so happy because I get 100000,00 and 10,000
Ahmad Taei
Ahmad Taei - 2 måneder siden
Ahmad Taei
Ahmad Taei - 2 måneder siden
-_- tap the brake when you go on curves -_-
Gembul Gaming
Gembul Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Miss those old Asphalt days. When car packs is tokens and credits, not real money...
HUZAIF SYED MOHAMMED - 2 måneder siden
and you have brake car
HUZAIF SYED MOHAMMED - 2 måneder siden
what happen you hand Strong see road properly it okey nice
Hadii Alam
Hadii Alam - 3 måneder siden
Still playing asphalt 8
Saem expert pro Scorpion.
Saem expert pro Scorpion. - 3 måneder siden
How did he even get so many credits so fast he had less coins than so quickly he got soooo many credits?!
Zachary Croney
Zachary Croney - 3 måneder siden
In gtait call zentorno
Harry Potter Plays Asphalt 8
Harry Potter Plays Asphalt 8 - 3 måneder siden
“The thing is I have to brake.” Umm well he’s probably never heard of drifting before
theprocarguy - 13 dager siden
exactly my g
like a Boss5000 Channel
like a Boss5000 Channel - 3 måneder siden
Arun Victor
Arun Victor - 3 måneder siden
Dude Harold doesn't know how to drift O:-)
Internal_Emptiness247 - 3 måneder siden
Did you know theres this very cool trick called "drifting"
Arvin Saj
Arvin Saj - 3 måneder siden
After looking at the silver lightning he got like plus 1000000 credits
Ricky Fernando
Ricky Fernando - 3 måneder siden
Completely idiot
《SLE》 SLAYER - 3 måneder siden
And he does not know about nitro
《SLE》 SLAYER - 3 måneder siden
His not good at drifting
Albert Mendez
Albert Mendez - 3 måneder siden
komurcuindahouse - 3 måneder siden
I love countach because it is James Bond's car in "The Spy who Loved Me"
theprocarguy - 13 dager siden
@komurcuindahouse its cool bro
komurcuindahouse - 13 dager siden
@theprocarguy oh sorry
theprocarguy - 13 dager siden
erm its the lotus esprit in the spy who loved me
Cookiesamuriy Yt
Cookiesamuriy Yt - 3 måneder siden
How did you get money so fast you just started lol and you got the lambo
Viaan Gaikwad
Viaan Gaikwad - 4 måneder siden
I always come first okay and I have download this game
FXL Dizzy
FXL Dizzy - 4 måneder siden
How he get that much money when at first he had 2,500 credits!
Sunaryo Tjokro
Sunaryo Tjokro - 4 måneder siden
Do you know what is the thing called drifting
Kieran Bower
Kieran Bower - 4 måneder siden
I love Ash-fault 8
Ivan Lau
Ivan Lau - 4 måneder siden
im pro at this
Zechen Yang
Zechen Yang - 4 måneder siden
You: Why is it so hard to just turn around? Why do the Ai’s have fire on their wheels?
Me: Ummm, do you know what is perfect nitro and drifting?
ISAQUE G4MER シ - 4 måneder siden
Marie Manait
Marie Manait - 4 måneder siden
Tap the Nitro button and perfect Nitro
Ameya Pawar
Ameya Pawar - 4 måneder siden
Your driving is trash💩
Nafis Neloy
Nafis Neloy - 5 måneder siden
I rarely got wrecked in this game
MS-X 2006
MS-X 2006 - 5 måneder siden
mentari pagi
mentari pagi - 5 måneder siden
thi guy play so bad
im thrice better than him
Sreyas Umesh
Sreyas Umesh - 5 måneder siden
He is lying he knows how to play
Sreyas Umesh
Sreyas Umesh - 5 måneder siden
Nice guy comes in last place.
Boris Pavlov
Boris Pavlov - 5 måneder siden
How does he not know that there are tutorials. Nooby
{A.I.P.O} - 5 måneder siden
Boris Pavlov
Boris Pavlov - 5 måneder siden
Should have bought the p1
TAPOUT 143 - 5 måneder siden
I live in Dubai
Christopher Aoun
Christopher Aoun - 5 måneder siden
Dude... I literally have every car in that game. Harry... You need to DRIFT!
JR GAMER 2.0 - 5 måneder siden
• FURÇÆ • - 5 måneder siden
U need to drift :/
Ivar Smit
Ivar Smit - 5 måneder siden
you are a noob!
Tony Lin
Tony Lin - 5 måneder siden
Ivar Smit hater
Murygoldy - 6 måneder siden
Anyone here after china
Marcus Law
Marcus Law - 6 måneder siden
SUCH a noob
Abimael Ocasio
Abimael Ocasio - 6 måneder siden
I have 5 sports cars
Marisha Gour
Marisha Gour - 6 måneder siden
You don't know how to play
Sunan S S
Sunan S S - 6 måneder siden
NOOB player 🤣
Tony Lin
Tony Lin - 5 måneder siden
Sunan S S hater
Charlie - 6 måneder siden
Everyone: Asphalt
Harry: Ashphalt
Carlo Mustamu
Carlo Mustamu - 6 måneder siden
what a noob is he
Carrar Yusofy
Carrar Yusofy - 6 måneder siden
my best car that i have is the aston martin vulcan it goes too fast and i cant control it
kaif shaikh
kaif shaikh - 7 måneder siden
Why are u embarrassing yourself in front of a camera
Reniel Official Roblox Videos
Reniel Official Roblox Videos - 7 måneder siden
This guy is an ai beacause ai can beat him
ITSDARKFARESPLAYZ?? ?????? - 7 måneder siden
Every time he tries to roast the other cars he just roasts himself
Pxnda - 7 måneder siden
wait hang on... he started with 2500, when he bought the sesto all of a sudden he had like a mil, whoa this guy is a fricken god
青松 - 7 måneder siden
yazeed siers
yazeed siers - 8 måneder siden
Maerzk Tejones
Maerzk Tejones - 8 måneder siden
Dafuq is your doin?
Migena Ligu
Migena Ligu - 8 måneder siden
Emir - 9 måneder siden
Harry:how is it going now today ia m going to be playing ashphalt 8
愛AmvDreamey - 9 måneder siden
Very Rich but No Skills
lovemore katsamudanga
lovemore katsamudanga - 9 måneder siden
There's a boost called perfect nitro
mohamad elmaoued
mohamad elmaoued - 9 måneder siden
My brother is 7 years old and he drives better than W2S
Ɗaȓҝӆәϛϛ - 9 måneder siden
Nice but play for some years with your skill...
Илья Исупов
Илья Исупов - 10 måneder siden
Hello gojfiij‽?????
Default Boi
Default Boi - 10 måneder siden
He doesn’t know what a drift is to do a sharp turn
muna dhungel
muna dhungel - 10 måneder siden
I’m playing asphalt 8 in 2019
Yves - 10 måneder siden
Omg same haha
Kathya Guzman
Kathya Guzman - 10 måneder siden
Alpha 8 is better in pc but mobile is just bad
Jian Ray Valiente
Jian Ray Valiente - 10 måneder siden
You suck
Jian Ray Valiente
Jian Ray Valiente - 10 måneder siden
You are not drifting
Tyler’s Vlogs16
Tyler’s Vlogs16 - 11 måneder siden
Ur a bad driver
got Talent Acts
got Talent Acts - 11 måneder siden
Buy a Ferrari fxx k
mohamad elmaoued
mohamad elmaoued - 11 måneder siden
W2S asphalt 8 is not good for you
Adrian Mathew
Adrian Mathew - 11 måneder siden
Ashphalt 8
got Talent Acts
got Talent Acts - 11 måneder siden
got Talent Acts
got Talent Acts - 11 måneder siden
Can you stop swearing
got Talent Acts
got Talent Acts - 11 måneder siden
I subscriber and liked plus THANKYOU
Leslie S.
Leslie S. - 11 måneder siden
You have to practice
OG Panda playz
OG Panda playz - 11 måneder siden
You hacked it
Ultimate Car Reviews
Ultimate Car Reviews - 11 måneder siden
He literally give people a heart attack in the beginning.
Hasina Salim
Hasina Salim - År siden
Im asphalt nitro hacker
Manish CEO Headhunterz
S&K gaming
S&K gaming - År siden
I downloaded this game and played 1th game came 1th
Julian Enlt
Julian Enlt - År siden
"In 2019 its the best way to receive tokens&credits: ** for me its by far the best in 2019"
Amedeo Bucciarelli
Amedeo Bucciarelli - År siden
Damn this thing works.
Ronda Sullivan
Ronda Sullivan - År siden
Christopher Mallory
Christopher Mallory - År siden
nice video
Sean Thao
Sean Thao - År siden
Trying not to be mean but u doodoo