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Song 1: Kelypso - Home
Song 2: Gidexen - Ronin
Song 3: CloZee - Koto
Song 4: Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue
Song 5: Dread Pitt - Arena
Song 6: DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release]
Song 7: Friedrich Habetler - Gohan's Anger Theme
Song 8: Ansia Orchestra - Alla till mig!
Song 9: Raven & Kreyn - Bubble
Song 10: 80Fitz - Irrelevant
Song 11: Tobu - Cloud 9
Song 12: Far Out - Rise
Song 13: Noisestorm - Crab Champions
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P-GAMES - 2 dager siden
12:31 hhhy😂😂😂
Beni - 13 dager siden
Várkonyi Marcell
Várkonyi Marcell - 14 dager siden
Imagine clickbaitimg
Abadک - 18 dager siden
only real ones know what it used to say please use helpw2s in the fortnite store
Eric FF
Eric FF - 23 dager siden
Ahmad Ch
Ahmad Ch - 24 dager siden
Clickbait master
Emma Mean
Emma Mean - 25 dager siden
you’re the best in world
Mac Scott
Mac Scott - 26 dager siden
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got clickbaited
And so did you
yousif ali
yousif ali - 29 dager siden
Bro at this point he goin too fucing much with the click bait its pissing me off
iron assaulter!
iron assaulter! - Måned siden
I got 3 of the white icons in one pack
iron assaulter!
iron assaulter! - 26 dager siden
@Thiago Silva The tank xd
Thiago Silva The tank
Thiago Silva The tank - 26 dager siden
@iron assaulter! Ur 🧢
iron assaulter!
iron assaulter! - 26 dager siden
@Thiago Silva The tank no It was 4 and luck they are my best but I think I deleted two accidentally
Thiago Silva The tank
Thiago Silva The tank - 26 dager siden
No u haven't
T.R v20 -
T.R v20 - - Måned siden
All Croatian ends with ic
GameDucks - Måned siden
When you turned around and thot it was a good card😂😂
Odette Camilleri
Odette Camilleri - Måned siden
Corona matches coronavirus
YO MOM ! - Måned siden
OMG wow lol
OMG wow lol
hot doritos _YT
hot doritos _YT - Måned siden
Im grece
Rico Bricardo
Rico Bricardo - Måned siden
He got corona he reminded me of CORONAVIRUS but I’m not making fun of the guy named corona 😁👊
5Faith09 LEE Keagan
5Faith09 LEE Keagan - Måned siden
Monkey That Doesn’t Upload
Monkey That Doesn’t Upload
_Jeffyuhuh_ 56
_Jeffyuhuh_ 56 - Måned siden
Click baited
Shayne Van Velzen
Shayne Van Velzen - Måned siden
I love your video's but can you stop click baiting
Shayne Van Velzen
Shayne Van Velzen - Måned siden
Sorry if i spel something wrong
Drin & Kaon
Drin & Kaon - Måned siden
Corona more like COVID-19
Yeetmaster Studios
Yeetmaster Studios - 2 måneder siden
i liked it better when he went HOLY F*** than heavens above. we like the bigger reactions
Marvin Williams
Marvin Williams - 2 måneder siden
your mom is
English Class
English Class - 2 måneder siden
I got Ronaldo
CG3 - 2 måneder siden
I don't know you should you only spend money on packs and say I earned this team
niall _a
niall _a - 2 måneder siden
Harry: pack Pele
Also Harry: his tots would have been better
nelly arellano
nelly arellano - 2 måneder siden
WILLOMG - 2 måneder siden
Singing songs
Singing songs - 2 måneder siden
Harry its corna me run away hes gonna corna virus u harry
Ltb God
Ltb God - 2 måneder siden
Greece forever
keiran hughes
keiran hughes - 2 måneder siden
W2S are u a streamer btw
Arnav G
Arnav G - 2 måneder siden
Gemma Gamble
Gemma Gamble - 3 måneder siden
MIHIR PARANJPE - 3 måneder siden
harry is the best fifa youtuber of all time
he might not always get toty/tots ronaldo and messi but he is the most entertaining
Woody Norrish
Woody Norrish - 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo I’m wering his merch RN
Woody Norrish
Woody Norrish - 3 måneder siden
Come on come on
Torcher piggy
Torcher piggy - 3 måneder siden
When he said we got corona I was gonna say screw dis
Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell - 3 måneder siden
Anyone gonna talk about how it’s slanted at the beginning
Ashwini Prakash
Ashwini Prakash - 3 måneder siden
your a lier
Stefan Callan
Stefan Callan - 3 måneder siden
Διονυσης Σαμιος
Διονυσης Σαμιος - 3 måneder siden
Harry Best tots at this video:Manolas and Ronaldob
Secret Mantiis
Secret Mantiis - 3 måneder siden
Ea give him oblak team of the season
Secret Mantiis
Secret Mantiis - 3 måneder siden
Rafa is my brother
Freddie Maginn
Freddie Maginn - 3 måneder siden
Does he succeed
rachel selway
rachel selway - 3 måneder siden
JJ.m14 - 3 måneder siden
He has fixed his upload schedule but he still can't line up the drop music to when he gets a banger player.
Priyadi Wirasakti
Priyadi Wirasakti - 3 måneder siden
Bisma Elhakim
Bisma Elhakim - 3 måneder siden
You skipped hoor because you felt bad
Lucas Sithole
Lucas Sithole - 3 måneder siden
W2Splays fifa 21 is coming out in 9 October 😁😁
Muhammad Raza Mahfooz
Muhammad Raza Mahfooz - 3 måneder siden
Harry always be flexing his airpod
Commando Ultra 84
Commando Ultra 84 - 3 måneder siden
Corona Virus 🤣🤣
Gradon Goren
Gradon Goren - 3 måneder siden
No one ever watch him again he’s Clickbait he didn’t actually pull 99 Ronaldo
kirxn - 3 måneder siden
Don't u love how they released the Portuguese league when Ronaldo is out just to troll harry
Charlie B McGinnis
Charlie B McGinnis - 3 måneder siden
My age is 129
vixzy fn
vixzy fn - 3 måneder siden
Love this series
Sherif Alaa
Sherif Alaa - 3 måneder siden
your mom is a hole you said in the titile 99 ronaldo but you got a 96
Novita Anggraini
Novita Anggraini - 3 måneder siden
That moment when his second channel becomes his main
Aviation XL
Aviation XL - 4 måneder siden
If you don’t sing the intro you ain’t a w2s fan
Favour Duru
Favour Duru - 4 måneder siden
Get Ronaldo you deserve it W2S
Sean Erangey
Sean Erangey - 4 måneder siden
He said counterattack at 13:34
Stalker Boiii
Stalker Boiii - 4 måneder siden
Icilic is 100,000k hahahah😂😂😂 “stay optimistic”
Archie Maccalman
Archie Maccalman - 4 måneder siden
Zakia Alami
Zakia Alami - 4 måneder siden
Zakia Alami
Zakia Alami - 4 måneder siden
I wish you get messi and ronaldo
Jakub Dendiš
Jakub Dendiš - 4 måneder siden
De Bruyne is best player in the game
Κορίνα Λιούτα
Κορίνα Λιούτα - 4 måneder siden
sparkle shimz
sparkle shimz - 4 måneder siden
Ronaldo looks posessed in the thumbnail.
Sport gaming Life
Sport gaming Life - 4 måneder siden
Did anyone realize he stoped swearing
Lil Sol-Topic
Lil Sol-Topic - 4 måneder siden
New Intro:Please Use Help W2s In Da Fortnite Store I Need FIFA Points
Xploiter - 4 måneder siden
Clickbait clickbait clickbait.
There are how many people you clickbaited.
Alpha sinister
Alpha sinister - 4 måneder siden
Oh shit guess I don't be seeing Harry again cause he got corona 😂🤣
My name is not Rafa but it's Rafay
Crif.y - 4 måneder siden
The answer is no
Melusi Ncube
Melusi Ncube - 4 måneder siden
0:31 his money skyrocketed
Maxence Vigneault
Maxence Vigneault - 4 måneder siden
I have an alternative way of getting ronaldo TOTS with 20 000 000 coins, it’s called the transfer market
Adin Ibarra
Adin Ibarra - 4 måneder siden
I got click batted again by this guy
Maria Isabel C.P.
Maria Isabel C.P. - 4 måneder siden
Ta gustado el benfica ee
Gabriel Atemnkeng
Gabriel Atemnkeng - 4 måneder siden
Sky-phantom - 4 måneder siden
Portugal has the best player in the world at the moment in my opinion Vinícius/Pizzi or Rafa
Jayne Kempen
Jayne Kempen - 4 måneder siden
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 prayers in the chat / comments
Jayne Kempen
Jayne Kempen - 4 måneder siden
Imagine if Pepe was a team of the season he’d think he’d get Ronaldo but he’d get a 90 Pepe 🤣
Westcowboy 93
Westcowboy 93 - 4 måneder siden
12:16 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Yqssine on 60 FPS
Yqssine on 60 FPS - 4 måneder siden
Is he currently banned of FIFA?
ahmed al-rubaiy
ahmed al-rubaiy - 4 måneder siden
Stop clickbait
Daniel Forbes
Daniel Forbes - 4 måneder siden
Catalin Babaioana
Catalin Babaioana - 4 måneder siden
Oooooo man
Chief Leef Gamer
Chief Leef Gamer - 4 måneder siden
Switch on captions at 14:10 😂
tobiasz Meyer
tobiasz Meyer - 4 måneder siden
Lewandowski from Poland me from poland
SPIDER TOWER - 4 måneder siden
Is the fucking putaclic
ajay aggarwal
ajay aggarwal - 4 måneder siden
Morning Dr Williams
Emmanuel Ajayi
Emmanuel Ajayi - 4 måneder siden
Bartek Zagozdon
Bartek Zagozdon - 4 måneder siden
Miał być eonaldo
Philopateer Sadek
Philopateer Sadek - 4 måneder siden
Ronaldo is amazing 😉
Lucas Gatt
Lucas Gatt - 4 måneder siden
i wan't you to get good ones
Emile Verkuil
Emile Verkuil - 4 måneder siden
You are not so smart
Lavinia Robino
Lavinia Robino - 4 måneder siden
Why don't you spin the wheel whith good players
syberplaysYT - 4 måneder siden
shave your hair lol
Maxim Olehash
Maxim Olehash - 4 måneder siden
Did he just wrote at 17:16 "dicard" instead of "discard" on that wheel.