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Songs Used:
Song 1: Kelypso - Home
Song 2: Day 7 - Dream Away
Song 3: AutoLaser - Witching Hour
Song 4: CloZee - Koto
Song 5: Dread Pitt - Arena
Song 6: Ansia Orchestra - Alla till mig!
Song 7: Moonbeat - Bedtime
Song 8: Maya Jama - PG x Jallow
Song 9: Noisestorm - Crab Champions
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Runtime: 18:36


Nash Power
Nash Power - 5 dager siden
Julie Clark
Julie Clark - 6 dager siden
I have a 198 fut durft
arso Fiume
arso Fiume - 8 dager siden
Each of these is a good idea for kids to get out there to get a better deal of attention from people and holly is doing something wrong and not having any problems with the baby or 5th year or a half of a million people in the world will have to pay attention to what the doctor is doing in the future because of their lack that the world needs and needs 90feet about one half a day and holly and her parents can get 5AM in a few days of the year for 5AM or the world to make their children happy or healthy for a good long period and the next two months will take time for their children to be diagnosed in their children to find the disease that has caused them to get the world health and holly into an emergency hospital and 5AM will be the world health commissioner and holly lake will help
arso Fiume
arso Fiume - 9 dager siden
W2S I love you 😘🥰😍😀😁😋🤗🤩😃😆😉😊😄🥶🤯😺😸🙈🙉🙊👶🧒👦👧🧑👨🛀
arso Fiume
arso Fiume - 9 dager siden
Ewwww poo w2s
Anku Toshniwal
Anku Toshniwal - 10 dager siden
josh is not your friend he is your brother
Voldemar Vara
Voldemar Vara - 10 dager siden
Why didn't switch the 81 rated for 89
B and B studios
B and B studios - 11 dager siden
harry always changes the rules
Hannah Tibbles
Hannah Tibbles - 12 dager siden
I love fut drarfs
Nec Flo
Nec Flo - 15 dager siden
seth lee
seth lee - 15 dager siden
Your English why do you have dollors
Michelle ann Love
Michelle ann Love - 21 dag siden
Tanzia Tasmin
Tanzia Tasmin - 22 dager siden
Who has seen the dog when they were shooting in the pool
DK Lazer
DK Lazer - 23 dager siden
Plz use helpw2s in the fotnite store
DK Lazer
DK Lazer - 23 dager siden
I use code helpw2s
FN Montage
FN Montage - 24 dager siden
Harry is old=Harold
Aidan Morales
Aidan Morales - 26 dager siden
Who else on his fut draft challenge 7:35 saw Harry’s record of 0-0-669😂😂😂😂ffs man
victoria helburn
victoria helburn - 28 dager siden
Diyath Kularatne
Diyath Kularatne - Måned siden
3:47 Did anyone see Josh getting scared LMAO
Martin Hercog
Martin Hercog - Måned siden
17:15 He could've swapped Florenzi (81 rated) with Suarez (89 rated) and possibly got a 194
Mduduzi Sunduza
Mduduzi Sunduza - Måned siden
9:24 my guy missed Mbappe
Narek Petrosyan
Narek Petrosyan - Måned siden
Who spotted Harry’s dog when they were kicking balls ⚽️ in the hot tub.
James247458 YT
James247458 YT - Måned siden
Did any one notice at the fut draft he plays 3 extra games look at his record a
Ariel Panich
Ariel Panich - Måned siden
I’ve never seen anybody exited for cHrIs sMAlling
Aaron O
Aaron O - Måned siden
Is no one going to talk about the fact that w2s is using a Basketball 🏀
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne - 2 måneder siden
What a duo. Ur brother really does complete these videos. Ur relationship with him is class. Hes like a mate (like one of the sdmn), doing a collab with u
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne - 2 måneder siden
Hoovey 2405
Hoovey 2405 - 2 måneder siden
That record do be giving lol
Hoovey 2405
Hoovey 2405 - 2 måneder siden
Sorry I meant vibing
Bells & Whistles Advertising Co. W.L.L
Josh's girlfriend calls and sais i am home alone josh i've gotta go mate
Ibra Bin Yahya
Ibra Bin Yahya - 2 måneder siden
FIFA should add Sir Alex Ferguson in manager position
UNIVERSAL USA - 2 måneder siden
if you look at the game records its only losses 7:35
Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre - 2 måneder siden
Harry was horrible to josh like 6years ago
Joshs phone rings and answers then he ses to Harry got to go Seaya later
Amba Jeyaseelan
Amba Jeyaseelan - 2 måneder siden
does anybody no what happpend to harry when he fell of the roof
Antony Youssef
Antony Youssef - 3 måneder siden
do you play fortnite and also are you better than vik
Minhal Toys and games
Minhal Toys and games - 3 måneder siden
, , ,m. My, ,
Selim Makary
Selim Makary - 3 måneder siden
Can you do a family challenge please 🙏🙏🙏
hello5078 - 3 måneder siden
Why does Harry have a US $100 bill lmfao??
Josh Woolger
Josh Woolger - 3 måneder siden
PyR0 - 3 måneder siden
You should sell the players for the cheapest you can instead of discarding them. It could make someone’s day
Tony Gudeta
Tony Gudeta - 3 måneder siden
He can keep it
craigpp12 J
craigpp12 J - 3 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure the draft was from Twitter because he was on Xbox and then a PS4
Mihir Sangale
Mihir Sangale - 4 måneder siden
Josh really looks like Harry's elder brother though!
Will Harrison
Will Harrison - 4 måneder siden
I have got a 195 before
Throne_ Bjarre
Throne_ Bjarre - 4 måneder siden
How do you do that 81+ seria a player?
quamne - 4 måneder siden
prohmess not prums
Aditya Bajaj
Aditya Bajaj - 4 måneder siden
Why does Josh disable comments??
calum smith
calum smith - 4 måneder siden
Drafts are boring
janzi 98
janzi 98 - 4 måneder siden
At 10:24 promes was 78 rated in fifa 15 and now 96+
Edward Yarrow
Edward Yarrow - 4 måneder siden
How the fuck does Simon have more subs than Harry
shehla haider
shehla haider - 4 måneder siden
i use code Help w2s in fortnite
Stinger Rea
Stinger Rea - 4 måneder siden
Me gets $50 bucks for my birthday harry gives away $100 for not doing something almost impossible. 😑
Mitchell Millimaki
Mitchell Millimaki - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one that gets annoyed by Harry’s rim on his basketball hoop
shul clem
shul clem - 4 måneder siden
Nice be friends
Darcie Collins
Darcie Collins - 4 måneder siden
Skull Point
Skull Point - 4 måneder siden
Someone likes lingard
LeoMC1 - 4 måneder siden
he was wearing a jesse lingard jersey thats why he lost the hot tub challange
Maria Hesti
Maria Hesti - 4 måneder siden
ini chanel makin lama makin ha jelas

Aitch Uncle
Aitch Uncle - 4 måneder siden
What is the song at 8:42
Random killer come get me you pricks
When he says " alright alright alright" it sounds like when u play Pac man and eat the little dots
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos - 4 måneder siden
My guy went from xbox to ps4
Helen Mullins
Helen Mullins - 4 måneder siden
Cause coins
Helen Mullins
Helen Mullins - 4 måneder siden
They done more drafts before draft busted
TheUnknownLibra - 4 måneder siden
You’re roof is more popular than me lol
Euroz Trainspotting
Euroz Trainspotting - 4 måneder siden
Who else got triggered about the end?
Samuel Noel
Samuel Noel - 4 måneder siden
12:44 when she calls and says she's home alone
Naankwat Riemson
Naankwat Riemson - 4 måneder siden
harry is mad
Noah James
Noah James - 4 måneder siden
Literally Josh gets shocked at every intro like this if u think I’m right
Mark O'Malley
Mark O'Malley - 4 måneder siden
📱 📱📱📱o mate I gotta go I gotta go
Avalon : Acidixx
Avalon : Acidixx - 4 måneder siden
12:50 when the girl u stalk says she's home alone xD
just_Jay - 4 måneder siden
Why does this comment have so many likes
scott spencer
scott spencer - 4 måneder siden
i love you
Tekkerz FC
Tekkerz FC - 4 måneder siden
Love this
Muhammed Alan
Muhammed Alan - 4 måneder siden
Marshallbikes 13
Marshallbikes 13 - 4 måneder siden
As soon as I saw the drafts I clicked off
Jimbo - 4 måneder siden
12:39 when ur girl says shes home alone
Ciarán Butler-Ennis
Ciarán Butler-Ennis - 4 måneder siden
Harry's in his mid 20's and he's still having voice cracks
Molly and Oliva
Molly and Oliva - 4 måneder siden
I commented on this video with my tongue
Ismail AlQady
Ismail AlQady - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thinks josh looks like Daniel James 😂
Yeet Me
Yeet Me - 4 måneder siden
4:58 This is my favorite part just because of Smaldini
KURDISTAN_GAMER كوردستان_گەیمەر
No one :
Josh : wear lingard jersey
Ralph Halliwell Wright
Ralph Halliwell Wright - 4 måneder siden
this music is doing my damn head in it was literally the same thing over and over
Dogey - 4 måneder siden
Me: was about to see the win, and beat drop.

Ad: not on my watch.
Jens Aalberg
Jens Aalberg - 4 måneder siden
´Pleas use help W2s in the Fortnite store’ Me: Your mom’s a h..... oh wait....
SEBA GAMER 5787 - 4 måneder siden
Por favor gente en español
Jaine Davis
Jaine Davis - 4 måneder siden
Shouldn't this be on the other channel
Duffy 2611
Duffy 2611 - 4 måneder siden
My favourite intro is help w2s in the fortnite store 😂
Duffy 2611
Duffy 2611 - 4 måneder siden
Ashley Koppelow
Ashley Koppelow - 4 måneder siden
Club name is josh had a nosh 😂
Nerokray - 4 måneder siden
Man you're the best but why don't post on the old account because i subscribed there😂😂 Why mate
United Football
United Football - 4 måneder siden
Good morning all,
First of all congratulations on your video
I make videos on football, best of etc ... Do not hesitate to come and see
Good day to you
Mattias Phua
Mattias Phua - 4 måneder siden
Did you discard thiago silva
Usha PR
Usha PR - 4 måneder siden
You can keep the draft Mate 12.23
Cyrus McCollins
Cyrus McCollins - 4 måneder siden
more fortnite?
Hamza Zamir
Hamza Zamir - 4 måneder siden
You don't play fortnite. Why we should use you code
Suchiomimus - 4 måneder siden
That record OOF 0-0-669
Adam Jamal Assadi
Adam Jamal Assadi - 4 måneder siden
you will get 99 ronaldo in the 1 pack
yg_comedy2 - 4 måneder siden
Did anyone find the full roof jump video?
Callum Stewart
Callum Stewart - 4 måneder siden
We all know that Harry likes to kick some balls
NAH 77
NAH 77 - 4 måneder siden
Sub to Jada Hassan
Snippy - 4 måneder siden
there noses are so alike lmao
Daka - 4 måneder siden