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Harry Dixon
Harry Dixon - 3 dager siden
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Nec Flo
Nec Flo - 13 dager siden
FN Montage
FN Montage - 25 dager siden
Thanks for the 194
Jack and Ben
Jack and Ben - 29 dager siden
Can you please tell me how to create a new fut draft
Alfredo Rafael Restrepo Guevara
I got a 196 draft
Shakil Ahmed
Shakil Ahmed - Måned siden
Thank you for Pogba
Matraku Jr
Matraku Jr - Måned siden
Why does kante has an CB card? Has he even played as an CB?
Matraku Jr
Matraku Jr - Måned siden
Harry: Van dijk?
Gets van dijk
Doesnt even spot him🤣🤣
Wais Mirzada
Wais Mirzada - Måned siden
When he got mbappe he was like o
Alfredo Rafael Restrepo Guevara
How do you change formation
KIshor Vaity
KIshor Vaity - Måned siden
Yeah but, at the last card when you got a stinker, there was two benders at the card. One a centerback and one right back card.
joel morris
joel morris - 2 måneder siden
But theyre awesome vids
Bogdan pass
Bogdan pass - 2 måneder siden
5:17 you SEE there is bender for two times
Umair Khatab
Umair Khatab - 2 måneder siden
im not a fan off w2s any more never uplodes a vid now
ElAchkar Karl
ElAchkar Karl - 2 måneder siden
Harry got 2 benders in the same pick
Yohec - 2 måneder siden
He actually picked ramos
Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Harry be like:
Gets Ronaldo: ooooh that's a stinker
Leo Moore
Leo Moore - 2 måneder siden
😭 please if you see normal try I just go from normal damage trayaurus free alright is the best player in the world of traore false
Leo Moore
Leo Moore - 2 måneder siden
Charlie PO
OisinBM - 2 måneder siden
5:16 2 Benders
kusa munkki
kusa munkki - 2 måneder siden
jordi alba and pique both spanish and play for barca and pique is higher rated but "alba fits better" XD
Tamai Arafa
Tamai Arafa - 3 måneder siden
My brother packed fut birthday vandike
Marcus junge
Marcus junge - 3 måneder siden
Clayton Rynne
Clayton Rynne - 3 måneder siden
Clayton FIFA19
Yato Hamad
Yato Hamad - 3 måneder siden
whats the last song name at 16:25
Louie Hill
Louie Hill - 3 måneder siden
In the intro Harry didn’t get excited for getting mbappe it was for getting martial am I right Manchester United fans
Tony Gudeta
Tony Gudeta - 3 måneder siden
Harry 97 pace 93 dribbling
Ryan Yong
Ryan Yong - 3 måneder siden
he just also wan those prime icon that he thinks do a lot but actually only improve the attack but his defence sucks
next time just ask for a prime icon in the defence than zidane
Ryan Yong
Ryan Yong - 3 måneder siden
harry doesnt not know how to play draft
he is shit
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm - 3 måneder siden
Dhruv Ganesh Iyer
Dhruv Ganesh Iyer - 3 måneder siden
Yea yea fuckers
Hadi Azeem
Hadi Azeem - 3 måneder siden
Dude quarantine gang I am going to laugh for years 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Jason Bernard
Jason Bernard - 4 måneder siden
on the first draft he should of put Eusabio left cf
Ander __h
Ander __h - 4 måneder siden
10:21Djené is from La liga don't take Laporte🤦‍♂️
Cryptz - 4 måneder siden
Did anyone notice at 5:19 he got 2 Benders on the same boarder 😂 plus they play for the exact same team
Jakibbles - 5 måneder siden
Finally said Hagi right
Avaflakiez - 5 måneder siden
7:35 when you hear someone take a loud shit
SXYT - 5 måneder siden
Baresi has 97 defending he said he has 94 defense
Luke Benson
Luke Benson - 5 måneder siden
Tottaly got a 194 full fut birthday team
Luke Benson
Luke Benson - 5 måneder siden
Harry said noone good at rm and then gets a 91 rated one
Reli Ani
Reli Ani - 5 måneder siden
Pele dan MaraDona
Crankyfox123 - 5 måneder siden
Me seeing the word challenge in the title knowing he doesn’t get the 194
Marzach - 5 måneder siden
I also have a give away
Alfie Tompkins
Alfie Tompkins - 5 måneder siden
Harry is stupid
He takes a neymar instead of van dijk and chooses to put him at centre back
Drin Krasniqi
Drin Krasniqi - 5 måneder siden
{Footy Legends}
{Footy Legends} - 5 måneder siden
Harry should start with his subs in the draft and this might help him
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming - 5 måneder siden
Keep the consistency goong 📈🚀
Salem Alharbi
Salem Alharbi - 5 måneder siden
I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jaman Boloban
Jaman Boloban - 5 måneder siden
End from icon moments of Maradona Zidane Eusebio Ronaldo Ronaldinho of fantastic
Jay Dot
Jay Dot - 5 måneder siden
How's there nearly 400 losses no wins no draws🤔 wtf do u do. Does this guy actually play the game or just open packs and try get high draft ratings 😂😂
Thomas Milburn
Thomas Milburn - 5 måneder siden
Harry’s tries to get a 194 struggles to even get a 193
Change the title of this video
Noah Freedman
Noah Freedman - 5 måneder siden
Harry: I'm gonna get a 194
Also Harry: a 191 is good
808 Nation
808 Nation - 5 måneder siden
i saw you streaming then i clicked on it and then you got son
عبدالله 4
عبدالله 4 - 5 måneder siden
Athdak ieb 196
hamza abusaad
hamza abusaad - 5 måneder siden
Nice shirt
Xander Resseler
Xander Resseler - 5 måneder siden
Nice shirt he has
Ziq Mokk
Ziq Mokk - 5 måneder siden
you made a lot of wrong decisions
Deena Soul
Deena Soul - 5 måneder siden
Lol am I the only one wondering if Harry’s got an editor or not? 😭😭
Pat Gleeson
Pat Gleeson - 5 måneder siden
did anyone notice harrys match record
Pat Gleeson
Pat Gleeson - 5 måneder siden
harry needs to stop clickbating
Gussion Oath
Gussion Oath - 5 måneder siden
Why he's not?
Giraitis Family
Giraitis Family - 5 måneder siden
“WHATS UP QUARANTINE TEAM” who else thought that was funny
ufehmi - 5 måneder siden
Harry says:
Virgil Van Dijk its got to be.
He gets Van Dijk and he says:
Okay, its not.
Li Family
Li Family - 5 måneder siden
Mppape is so rare
Dimitri Paschalidis
Dimitri Paschalidis - 5 måneder siden
What Messi in right back
Rola Al Homsi
Rola Al Homsi - 6 måneder siden
Harry: Subs you big stinky subs
Elkay Okoruwa
Elkay Okoruwa - 6 måneder siden
W2s:it's got potential
Ea:hold my drafts
rana al-Dhalaan
rana al-Dhalaan - 6 måneder siden
W-2 S do you know want to be a going to release have to doublet birthday do you know that EA only in mobile phones relational attend those 99 Pele 99 belladonna like if you did you play T51 will be no NIC several attend but they’ll just like the way I was calling people
Justin Nabil
Justin Nabil - 6 måneder siden
1:00 97 pace 93 dRiBbLiNg
Amanda Portelli
Amanda Portelli - 6 måneder siden
Yes i did have Mbappe Team Of The Year
Game content
Game content - 6 måneder siden
I just got a 194
Fut draft
Earth Angel Jewels and Repairs
Earth Angel Jewels and Repairs - 6 måneder siden
when is your next fifa video comming
Euroz Trainspotting
Euroz Trainspotting - 6 måneder siden
Who else finds this really annoying because he doesn't pick your favourite player 😂🤣
HeskyNinja - 6 måneder siden
W2s: Quarantine gang Viewers: No just no
Artem Sovetov
Artem Sovetov - 6 måneder siden
I got mbappe
Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib - 6 måneder siden
How did he get mbape
H A - 6 måneder siden
Does he not know ALL icons get chemistry
H A - 6 måneder siden
He said in fifa 19 waitin for toty van dijk still sayin it now
Fiona McCrory
Fiona McCrory - 6 måneder siden
Aarav - 6 måneder siden
Should I take Kante or Ramos. I’m gonna take van dijk. ~ Harry
Luca Tremblay
Luca Tremblay - 6 måneder siden
Why did you take Sergio Ramos you should of taken Kanté.
Bjartmar Dagur Þórðarson
Bjartmar Dagur Þórðarson - 6 måneder siden
You need a haircut bro
JacazPlayz - 6 måneder siden
My boy representing Orange team !!!!📙📙📙📙📙
Spy ninja best
Spy ninja best - 6 måneder siden
Dude you are literally using the same cup I am using now lol
I am everything
I am everything - 6 måneder siden
Mr. Draft T
Mr. Draft T - 6 måneder siden
Can we se your team your are playing with?
Jane Thomas
Jane Thomas - 6 måneder siden
The right wingers on first draft I always have them options
Simon .R
Simon .R - 6 måneder siden
Do more packs please
Elizabeth Sedita
Elizabeth Sedita - 6 måneder siden
If you watch my videos what videos harry you never upload
Rohan Mathew
Rohan Mathew - 6 måneder siden
The day we see another 194 draft Vid on the main channel is the day he truly gets a 194
Jaideep Kodali
Jaideep Kodali - 6 måneder siden
Bro you Ryan Giggs is better hagi and overmars
Henry Everill
Henry Everill - 6 måneder siden
My man still wearing orange team t shirt😹
Dominika Kostelanská
Dominika Kostelanská - 6 måneder siden
daniel sierra
daniel sierra - 6 måneder siden
Also hope you get a 194 fut draft world record
daniel sierra
daniel sierra - 6 måneder siden
Do a fifa bingo video with capguntom Harry
billie smith
billie smith - 6 måneder siden
I thought i was early because i just got a notification.... This came out 6 days ago
Dominic Shephard
Dominic Shephard - 6 måneder siden
Harry still reping orange team
Don’t Subscribe
Don’t Subscribe - 6 måneder siden
Hi harry this is Casey the person You signed the mug and shirt thanks for that Casey
Noah Brydsten
Noah Brydsten - 6 måneder siden
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background at 15:45?
Noah Brydsten
Noah Brydsten - 6 måneder siden
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background at 15:45?
Mario PlaYZ
Mario PlaYZ - 6 måneder siden
Hagi is the best romanian player
BMK_king 360
BMK_king 360 - 6 måneder siden
This is him can l get hagi but he gets slivers