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EMAIL THE VIDEO TO: W2SEdit@gmail.com
Runtime: 01:54


Callum FC
Callum FC - Måned siden
Hey guys I’m a very small YouTube channel that wants to make videos but finds it hard and long to edit videos on my phone and I’m still new to it so the videos aren’t the best,I want to produce good funny videos for people to watch and would love to gain abit of a following I’m just wondering if there is anyone that would like to become my editor and edit some videos for me I will pay of course and I’d love to gain a good bond with someone and hopefully in future times we both could have grown together on YouTube,the money isn’t no YouTube revenue this is my own money and would love to make a lot better videos for people,let me know people and hopefully this is the start of something new!
mamoth gaming
mamoth gaming - Måned siden
hello im interested
Legend YT
Legend YT - 2 måneder siden
Can't he just edit his own videos?
Zupreme - 2 måneder siden
he has for 6 years
Amadiboi - 3 måneder siden
(You know who he is if you watch JJ Olatunji)
Dominic Swartz
Dominic Swartz - 4 måneder siden
Hi Harry, Have you Found a editor yet? if not is the chance to be your editor still up for grabs??
*N4TE* - 4 måneder siden
I can edit for u
no-game no-life
no-game no-life - 4 måneder siden
to bad i cant try for it i edit 9 videos a day for my friends
desrr - 4 måneder siden
ur so bad and uyr content uissasaas sasasasasasass
Hidemen - 5 måneder siden
look at his face at 0:49
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 5 måneder siden
Guys I’m looking for an editor! Just Tell me if ur down
Pran - 5 måneder siden
Anyone notice the hole in is right hand
GidBen - 5 måneder siden
has he even checked the email
DarkActionAMVS2010 - 5 måneder siden
So you still need one I'm your man
Aresenal_ Marionette
Aresenal_ Marionette - 6 måneder siden
Harry with that drug hat looks sick.
peep buny
peep buny - 6 måneder siden
Did he ever found an editor? Lmao
Nelms Boy
Nelms Boy - 6 måneder siden
Hi Are you still looking for an editor
matt - 6 måneder siden
I cool editor 😁
GidBen - 6 måneder siden
this went to shit
Mr. Ram ਮਾਪਿਆ ਦਾ ਲਾਡਲਾ
Hello i am from india i can edit your vedios .....contact me-8708875460
Mike Marsh
Mike Marsh - 7 måneder siden
Spam 0:23 🤣🤣
Aza - 7 måneder siden
Who won this?
qtJxzzy - 7 måneder siden
I got u
VARnático FC
VARnático FC - 7 måneder siden
subscribe to my channel please♥️
Crispy Mcgregory
Crispy Mcgregory - 7 måneder siden
Well then...
Jamie Ingvorsen
Jamie Ingvorsen - 7 måneder siden
big fan
Jamie Ingvorsen
Jamie Ingvorsen - 7 måneder siden
how r u doing
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore - 7 måneder siden
still need an editor ?
HUNCHO JOSHI - 7 måneder siden
Hit me up if you need an editor! Look at my channel to get a visual of my style of Editing!
Aaron 16
Aaron 16 - 7 måneder siden
5 months later:
MewtwoGamer098 - 7 måneder siden
Do u need a editor?? My discord is TheElite_Ninja#5179
Curtis Gibson
Curtis Gibson - 8 måneder siden
“I’ll be uploading soon”
That was September and it’s not end of February
OrbitZ - 8 måneder siden
I can edit for u
It's Ella
It's Ella - 8 måneder siden
legend has it that he’s still looking for an editor
Naevius - 8 måneder siden
0:40 mhm wants to upload some stuff i see
*does a main channel...*
mrscottsweat ttvscottyboy
mrscottsweat ttvscottyboy - 8 måneder siden
Charlie Bartram
Charlie Bartram - 8 måneder siden
I have some videos planned
5 months later: no vids AT ALL
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry - 8 måneder siden
How the hell has it been 5 months since you uploaded this?!?!
AzZy76 - 8 måneder siden
4 months later... still waiting
THE SLIPPERY BOSS - 8 måneder siden
no editor then yet lol
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 8 måneder siden
Drug dealer
Ruffles Gaming
Ruffles Gaming - 8 måneder siden
It’s been 4 months
RealSupaHotFireVEVO - 8 måneder siden
4 months later...
Aviation LBA
Aviation LBA - 8 måneder siden
Legend has it Harry is still looking for an editor...
Djordje Marinkovic
Djordje Marinkovic - 8 måneder siden
My mom is not hole like yours
Ahmad's vlogs
Ahmad's vlogs - 8 måneder siden
RADAL for the win!
Bratos - 9 måneder siden
Legend has it he didn’t find an editor and that’s why no vids
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail - 9 måneder siden
Harry with his drug addict ket cap
Humayun Gazanfar
Humayun Gazanfar - 9 måneder siden
Harry why are you wearing a ket hat
Csav - 9 måneder siden
Harry says hes gonna start uploading soon.
4 months later he still hasnt uploaded
No Name Boys 92
No Name Boys 92 - 9 måneder siden
4 months later...
Aidenn Craig
Aidenn Craig - 9 måneder siden
What does he need an editor for
Oscee - 9 måneder siden
Harry I'm going to start uploading soon on this channel soon
Everyone else: So that was a fucking lie
Josh Presson
Josh Presson - 9 måneder siden
Harry come back to this channel man
Boban Kotevski
Boban Kotevski - 9 måneder siden
0:02 why does he have a hole in his hand
boi - 7 måneder siden
Boban Kotevski
Boban Kotevski - 9 måneder siden
Legend says Harold is still seeking for an editor
Jack Magnell
Jack Magnell - 9 måneder siden
Go on I want to see how I did
Kieran The DJ
Kieran The DJ - 9 måneder siden
Team of the Year is out on Fifa 20
Senav Ales
Senav Ales - 9 måneder siden
I'm a comment editor..
Sniper Epic
Sniper Epic - 9 måneder siden
Your asking to get pranked
Airmax 517
Airmax 517 - 9 måneder siden
No worries
Airmax 517
Airmax 517 - 9 måneder siden
I’ll be your editor
Ryan Machin
Ryan Machin - 9 måneder siden
Fernando you son of a bitch
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 - 9 måneder siden
M En M
M En M - 9 måneder siden
Pls upload again
Finn Droogendijk
Finn Droogendijk - 9 måneder siden
Youre channel is dead
Ryeece The Beast
Ryeece The Beast - 9 måneder siden
I will be your editor
Redinx - 9 måneder siden
TommyT 2
TommyT 2 - 9 måneder siden
Can I just send you one of those 3D Johnny Johnny yes papa vids
Math You
Math You - 9 måneder siden
3 months later.... Still waiting for another video
Hayden Abbey
Hayden Abbey - 9 måneder siden
Ask Ben Morris
Patricia Mejia
Patricia Mejia - 9 måneder siden
I can do it pay 123
Aggro Txq
Aggro Txq - 9 måneder siden
Who else saw the hole in Harrys hand?
Jay T123
Jay T123 - 10 måneder siden
Harry: it’s a hunt for someone 😂
Dror Kolet
Dror Kolet - 10 måneder siden
legends say he's still looking
TTVJGAMERS - 7 måneder siden
Legends say you you Dident stop talking bs
Charlie Bartram
Charlie Bartram - 10 måneder siden
Harry: Post that he need editor

Three months later: *still not got one*
Xx_Harry_Xx Fortnite
Xx_Harry_Xx Fortnite - 10 måneder siden
I can
Battamz - 10 måneder siden
Xx_Harry_Xx Fortnite 😂 nice try
Wild Dylan Bester 1224
Wild Dylan Bester 1224 - 10 måneder siden
Have you found a fuckin editor
CoolSome Tv
CoolSome Tv - 10 måneder siden
Wait im a kid buuuut i can prove my skills if you let me
Brett Maxeiner
Brett Maxeiner - 10 måneder siden
oi dickhead u dont even upload u dont need an editor
One Eyed King Kaneki
One Eyed King Kaneki - 10 måneder siden
still looking for an editor?? fkg lying bitch just post pussy
Kinzah Yasir
Kinzah Yasir - 10 måneder siden
I can be editor
hi people
hi people - 10 måneder siden
Try to get the lowest fut draft ever
Mvpxx10 Cypher
Mvpxx10 Cypher - 10 måneder siden
Richmond Barney
Richmond Barney - 10 måneder siden
By nicing he means drugs
Marlbro Magic
Marlbro Magic - 10 måneder siden
Hi Harry I'll be you're editor, can you pay me in ketamine? Know you have top of the stock sniff
مكس RT
مكس RT - 10 måneder siden
i miss when harry used to care about his channels 😔
cornonthecob - 10 måneder siden
what if im from australia, can i still be your editor ?
Eternal - 11 måneder siden
Ight ill help
Eternal - 10 måneder siden
@Ronin Esports sure whats your discord
Eternal - 10 måneder siden
@Ronin Esports sure
Ronin Esports
Ronin Esports - 10 måneder siden
Do you want to be my editor
gabriella - 11 måneder siden
any here after ksi’s vid from him talking about the sidemen hat? no? just me? alright-
SnOrkz - 11 måneder siden
Im 14 and im wanna be ur Editor
I Live in Switzerland
Ronin Esports
Ronin Esports - 10 måneder siden
Do you want to edit for me
Dynamic_ Hannu
Dynamic_ Hannu - 11 måneder siden
so the fifa 20 videos?
C0DER5D YT - 11 måneder siden
Bennett Patton
Bennett Patton - 11 måneder siden
Are we talking about the thing on his hand?
TYZ MSK - 11 måneder siden
is the Winner going to get revealed?
zisew - 11 måneder siden
zisew - 11 måneder siden
Ayman Alhmidan
Ayman Alhmidan - 11 måneder siden
What is your new channel?
✪ Sytrux
✪ Sytrux - 11 måneder siden
If you are still looking for an editor, im working on it from today on!
Ronin Esports
Ronin Esports - 10 måneder siden
Do you want to edit for me
well well
well well - 11 måneder siden
he always makes this funny face where he sticks out his bottom lip 00:50
Rampage - 11 måneder siden
Upload ffs
Jordan Bishop
Jordan Bishop - 11 måneder siden
Yo I’ve just put in helpws2 in on fort nite what do I get in return then?