W2S Plays GTA 5 - GREAT BANTER, IT REALLY IS !! - GTA 5 Funny Moments

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-_- - 4 måneder siden
This is great banter at 2020 it really is
MemeKiller24 - År siden
Greetings from 2019
вкlуиу - 2 år siden
Bryan Coffey
Bryan Coffey - 2 år siden
Fuck you vikk
Malak Mohy Eldien
Malak Mohy Eldien - 2 år siden
تبادل اشتراكات هنا انا عربي
F Puente
F Puente - 3 år siden
Why don't you play roblox
Omar Abdelbaset Omar Abdelbaset
who watched in 2017
Nick Brent
Nick Brent - 3 år siden
anyone else binge watching these
mech._demon - 3 år siden
challenge with jelly and kwelkop
cameo Murray
cameo Murray - 3 år siden
u got reaked
jmd cf
jmd cf - 4 år siden
Rip headphones user i died
Zander - 4 år siden
What's the video when Ethan crashes into him and he goes "oh Ethan!"
Ashton Ryan
Ashton Ryan - 4 år siden
Play fifa
xEZYx - 4 år siden
Song at 4:08 ? Please
James - 4 år siden
Darude Sandstorm
MrFrag001 - 4 år siden
Fame Havoc
Fame Havoc - 4 år siden
Song at 1:53?
SUPERSTORM owen - 4 år siden
+LazerYT- COD and FIFA content Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth its in my awesome music playlist on my channel there is other music like that in the playlist too :)
Fame Havoc
Fame Havoc - 4 år siden
+Fuzznoodles wrong song
Fuzznoodles - 4 år siden
Global concepts
Lewis Green -Trout fishing
We are Liverpool FC
We are Liverpool FC - 5 år siden
You so mean
Callistus Koh
Callistus Koh - 5 år siden
hey they did the video on my bday
Jean Coe
Jean Coe - 5 år siden
Hi harry i like your videos ive got purple ronaldo you can have him
mark culverhouse
mark culverhouse - 5 år siden
do u and all ur friends have ps4 gta5 add me if u do add me ma user is markie2205
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı - 5 år siden
Julian Akhras
Julian Akhras - 5 år siden
Harry believe me ur the best gta5 player in sidemen
Only because u get unlucky
callum 1234 Price
callum 1234 Price - 5 år siden
Luke Noble
Luke Noble - 5 år siden

Can you do fesk cam on gte 5
Kian iqbal maggio
Kian iqbal maggio - 5 år siden
Ihalladope209 - 5 år siden
This nigga
Liam Purvis
Liam Purvis - 5 år siden
How to you become famous you tubing
yellowbeans - 6 år siden
HRDomoljub41 - 6 år siden
1v1 me club penguin only qwikskop and noskop bitch!!
helena mahmood
helena mahmood - 6 år siden
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones - 6 år siden
cammey3 - 6 år siden
F**k you
Jack Finn
Jack Finn - 6 år siden
Jack septic eye said if u hav a 2nd channel u just want more money
nauqhtey - 6 år siden
Why are you shouting on very video
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 6 år siden
Ahmed Abdulkhadir
Ahmed Abdulkhadir - 6 år siden
Where is ksi
Asad Abdo
Asad Abdo - 6 år siden
Rage Gaming
Rage Gaming - 6 år siden
Great banter surely
Anton Helgi Traustason
Anton Helgi Traustason - 6 år siden
Two steps from hell ftw
Josh Peters
Josh Peters - 6 år siden
I'm sorry...but Vikk, really pisses me off
Karl Abbott
Karl Abbott - 6 år siden
Vick the dick
Jesse Osei
Jesse Osei - 6 år siden
Bet it was awkward at the end for Harry
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh - 6 år siden
Vikks one are 30 minutes
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh - 6 år siden
Fuck of
Blitzio - 6 år siden
He realy is gay / wired
James Cavanagh
James Cavanagh - 6 år siden
James Cavanagh
James Cavanagh - 6 år siden
James Cavanagh
James Cavanagh - 6 år siden
Boi - 6 år siden
i felt bad for harry at the end of the video
FALLUX - 6 år siden
Harry Play Hexagun
Aadam Qureshi
Aadam Qureshi - 6 år siden
How old are you, Harry?
Jake Crossland
Jake Crossland - 6 år siden
why has jj stopped gta?
Betik Eye
Betik Eye - 6 år siden
W2S Plays GTA 5 - GREAT BANTER, IT REALLY IS !! - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Muhammad Hariff
Muhammad Hariff - 6 år siden
Harry are u jealous of vik?
The Notorious
The Notorious - 6 år siden
Song 1:37?????
Alex._ .b
Alex._ .b - 6 år siden
Were you with slogoman and the gaming lemon
connor - 6 år siden
yo he should call this channel blue jumper gta or somthing because last upload that was something that waas not gta was 3 months ago good job  
lod pro
lod pro - 6 år siden
any body license transfer gta v to me i give him apocalypse dlc pack gamertag farouk masry
WWeasel - 6 år siden
What does banter mean ?
Dan K
Dan K - 2 år siden
Jude Curtis it's not always an insult
Jude Curtis
Jude Curtis - 6 år siden
No it's not, it's when people insult one another but say it in a joking sort of way
WWeasel - 6 år siden
@Im A Funny Guy okay thanks
Im A Funny Guy
Im A Funny Guy - 6 år siden
It's what people in England say when they are pissing about and laughing
Charlie Mortlock
Charlie Mortlock - 6 år siden
and ur still shit 
William Davison
William Davison - 6 år siden
Nobody in the sidemen likes you Harry.
Max Richardson
Max Richardson - 6 år siden
This is gr8 banter
Max Richardson
Max Richardson - 6 år siden
Harry should move in with them
MiniWIzard - 6 år siden
Harry is so late with his gta videos, i saw this a few WEEKS ago.
Just stop now.
Lee Bourne
Lee Bourne - 6 år siden
Can I join the sidemen
Rubige - 6 år siden
Vikk is a dick.
Henry Da Beast
Henry Da Beast - 6 år siden
you're such a racist
Hayd4n_8 - 6 år siden
Vik is a true stabiliser don't mess with him
Scampi - 6 år siden
IssaPiko - 6 år siden
If you think harry is inconsistent, why don't you look at KSI's channel. He never uploads anymore. Not protecting harry or anything.
Hannah Løuise Henry
Hannah Løuise Henry - 5 år siden
at least Harry uploads on at least one, think people need to actually be grateful for the stuff he does and not complain about what he doesn't do tbh.
IssaPiko - 6 år siden
I meant his gaming channel.
FENERBAHCE - 6 år siden
Hahaha yhou cent repli to this komment hahahah xD
Rj - 6 år siden
Yes i can
JoshCW - 6 år siden
I can reply but not repli
Ellie Robinson
Ellie Robinson - 6 år siden
But I can though.
Edward Galloway
Edward Galloway - 6 år siden
15 weeks old
JayJay Black
JayJay Black - 6 år siden
Why do you upload 6 years after the others?
Spencer WG
Spencer WG - 6 år siden
jarrod rixon
jarrod rixon - 6 år siden
at the end when tobi said i can say nigga and you can't isn't that a bit racist to every other race other that black people
Chxppxx _
Chxppxx _ - 3 år siden
jarrod rixon no dumbass if any other race say it the it that's racist only black people aloud to say it
Twitch Pxrplexd
Twitch Pxrplexd - 3 år siden
jarrod rixon no white people used it as a slur black people use it as a term for friend ;) have more knowledge in history m8
lawseyitfc - 6 år siden
You're only 3 weeks behind
lawseyitfc - 6 år siden
Actually scrap that, make it 5 or 6 weeks
BBoy TheBidix
BBoy TheBidix - 6 år siden
M9 Jenko
M9 Jenko - 6 år siden
100th comment
FlotationMusic - 6 år siden
Subscribe to me and stay active become a Flotation ill be uploading various games with friends, funny moments, Much More!
AVO - 6 år siden
Lmfao you were lowkey owning vik on that race hahaha we just stayed quit you roasted his ass
Luiz Phillipe Schaffhausser
Always 4th.. lol
Don-Bosco Rodgers
Don-Bosco Rodgers - 6 år siden
You know when Tobi says what did anyone else think it sounded like when Chrash Bandicoot says Whoa!
Super NovaGames
Super NovaGames - 6 år siden
Whats the song at 1:38 and dont you dare say fucking darude sandstorm
TheDissking is Here
TheDissking is Here - 3 år siden
Darude sandstone
Toxic Freak
Toxic Freak - 3 år siden
Gilberti Marcial darude sandstorm - bass boosted
Szűcs Balázs
Szűcs Balázs - 5 år siden
Alan Partridge - Great Banter
Xavier Metcalfe
Xavier Metcalfe - 6 år siden
Sandstorm - Darude
Adam - 6 år siden
Sarude - Dandstorm
Reece Longley
Reece Longley - 6 år siden
Can you kill each others cars on the next one and shout my name I the video please
waseem abu ahmad
waseem abu ahmad - 6 år siden
All of us watch this from mm7games...
DanTheStripe - 6 år siden
Saw this 2 months ago. If you're gonna be inconsistent, upload longer videos..Vikk is less consistent and uploads 15 mins, most Sidemen upload every day a 5-6 minute video, you upload a 5-6 minute video every week..
Hassan Nasser
Hassan Nasser - 6 år siden
Harry play gta and face cam ok please
Omar Hosein
Omar Hosein - 6 år siden
be more consistent on this channel PLZ
Angus Saunders
Angus Saunders - 6 år siden
I think the others apart from Toby uploaded this 2 weeks ago
ShadowOOPER - 6 år siden
Not trying to be rude but he can make gta live which nowadays is very very EXTREMLY hard..
Nordic Forth
Nordic Forth - 6 år siden
Harry is buying views coz it's on 301 views and he haz a deal with sponsors to keep his views on 301 for money.
jaybourne100 - 6 år siden
Keeling99 - 6 år siden
Please could u ring me 07917138815
Gavin McCarthy
Gavin McCarthy - 6 år siden
@***** Does the virus come in multiple colors?
André Roque
André Roque - 6 år siden
@***** what about ps4?
Ville Leinonen
Ville Leinonen - 6 år siden
I prefer 112
VEZZZ - 6 år siden
darude - sandstorm
The AA
The AA - 6 år siden
What the hell how did you get my number?
fifagamerz13 - 6 år siden
Harry ur shit under viks shoe
simraxn - 6 år siden
Niek 024
Niek 024 - 6 år siden
Use face cam
Jack O’Donoghue
Jack O’Donoghue - 6 år siden
nickwilso77 - 6 år siden
this is very old
Bjørn Suldvart
Bjørn Suldvart - 6 år siden
I like this.