W2S Plays GTA 5 - SERIOUS KETCHUP !! - GTA 5 Funny Moments

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HellYeaaa Kid
HellYeaaa Kid - 3 år siden
Add me on Xbox one (Reliablebear970) I will always play gta 5 online and story mode
STEINN A - 3 år siden
mor Gta 5 vidjos
Marcus Gaskell
Marcus Gaskell - 3 år siden
your the best
Nabil Benoit
Nabil Benoit - 3 år siden
Jemma Impleton
Jemma Impleton - 4 år siden
CAN you do some money chets
Rogue Energy
Rogue Energy - 4 år siden
Rogue Energy
Rogue Energy - 4 år siden
Thuy nguyen
Thuy nguyen - 4 år siden
Harry please make more new gta 5 games
Hidden_Gamer2008 - 3 år siden
Thuy nguyen he has
Tanya Schneider
Tanya Schneider - 4 år siden
Can you make your Gita videos longer 😁😁👍
Leah Hart
Leah Hart - 4 år siden
He keeps finishing fourth I swear down😂😂
Alfix - 5 år siden
How old are you??
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 4 år siden
+MeganAndBrenna'sChallenges What ru talking about. His 9 now.
Prarthana Sheopuri
Prarthana Sheopuri - 5 år siden
221 too
Prarthana Sheopuri
Prarthana Sheopuri - 5 år siden
220th comment!
Michaell Frost Nielsen
Michaell Frost Nielsen - 5 år siden
Can anyone help me please? What is the second soundtrack he is using? Not the Pirates The Caribbean one. It sounds like its from a movie and it sound like something Hans Zimmer would make. Please help.
Carlos De Leon
Carlos De Leon - 5 år siden
abdullah alqudhaibi
abdullah alqudhaibi - 5 år siden
I wish if there is gta 5 in the ipad it will be cooooooooool
theboywholikesgaming - 5 år siden
What?!?! VIKKSTAR?!?!
Malcolm Steckiewicz
Malcolm Steckiewicz - 5 år siden
What's the sound when u dislike a comment?
DAZ3_STrEeT - 5 år siden
Pls subsceibe my canal plsss
C00L Dog
C00L Dog - 5 år siden
Lukedumbo - 5 år siden
Add your cam like other cancel
jXcK CXrC0RaN - 5 år siden
U should do free roam online
SeanMcManus - 5 år siden
Epic comeback
Pamela MacCrimmon
Pamela MacCrimmon - 6 år siden
when you are about to start the race why do you keep talking in a weird voice
cookiecrumble gaming
cookiecrumble gaming - 6 år siden
Loving the car
Near Misses & Bad Driving
Bexter - 6 år siden
xbox sux
JoelM - 5 år siden
And you swallow
Kaylan Wee
Kaylan Wee - 6 år siden
Please play five nights at freddy's
j h
j h - 6 år siden
Please subscribe to my Chanel at mevstechnology loads of tech videos coming up
GamingCube165 - 6 år siden
Play 5 nights at Freddies
Viridiana Iturbide
Viridiana Iturbide - 6 år siden
get another control and play with another PERSON 
Sam Mandjata
Sam Mandjata - 6 år siden
He motsly always comes 4th
Ryan Lewins
Ryan Lewins - 6 år siden
Put up more videos u only put up like 1 vid every 2days
RaVeNzZ GaMinG
RaVeNzZ GaMinG - 6 år siden
I hate you
Axel Hernandez
Axel Hernandez - 6 år siden
Upload a vid stupid fuck
._. JM
._. JM - 6 år siden
Anyone see the troll face at 5:23
Ben Whitton
Ben Whitton - 6 år siden
Wroetoshaw ad on w2s plays
Roy Oliva Simon
Roy Oliva Simon - 6 år siden
how do you record videos like that W2S with just playing
KingEdwards - 6 år siden
How do you not get copyright infringement for using soundtracks from Pirates The Caribbean?
jason bourne
jason bourne - 5 år siden
cuz john Williams and johnny depp are already made and paid
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia - 6 år siden
Ashwin Umans
Ashwin Umans - 6 år siden
what is that song called at the end i forgot? :)
Ben Huzes
Ben Huzes - 6 år siden
can I wager you harry if you win you get inform messi but if I win I get enyplayer you want text message me my gamertag is all caps BENGYBOBS
That Doge
That Doge - 6 år siden
Much cars
AeRo Smiffyz
AeRo Smiffyz - 6 år siden
Dokes - 6 år siden
OMG 4:31
MyNegevv - 6 år siden
That was Wheelie good!
A S - 6 år siden
Whats the name of the track/song at 3:30 ?
mohammad basharat
mohammad basharat - 6 år siden
Haryyyy ws2
Tuba Trumpet
Tuba Trumpet - 6 år siden
Jake Evans
Jake Evans - 6 år siden
Do more stuff with the sidemen!!!!
Trle - 6 år siden
you legend
James O'Brien
James O'Brien - 6 år siden
Check us out
Archie Littlejohn
Archie Littlejohn - 6 år siden
Polar YT
Polar YT - 6 år siden
Song at 3:03
Johanna Oris
Johanna Oris - 6 år siden

ä sssddsiahöoOOÄ'å

Ryan Leigh
Ryan Leigh - 6 år siden
Harry your uploads r so long after every1 else
Dan Terry
Dan Terry - 6 år siden
I love how Harry only uploads the clips where he wins races :') 
José Gomes
José Gomes - 6 år siden
lol he lost the firts one
Sarahi Rico
Sarahi Rico - 6 år siden
Your video's Suck.
elizabeth halko
elizabeth halko - 6 år siden
im 15 and this is alsome lol i cant believe this :3
graeme marshall
graeme marshall - 6 år siden
Hi harry could you give me a shout out on fifa 14 my name is marshall, graeme marshall :) :) :) :)
Kaheem Wade
Kaheem Wade - 6 år siden
Ksi isn't in this I don't hear him
Mies1234 - 6 år siden
The lads hitting the nostalgia hahah :-D
FrokehFrosch (Frosch)
FrokehFrosch (Frosch) - 6 år siden
Sami Qadeem
Sami Qadeem - 6 år siden
I'm new to gta online so can anyone tell me how to get this types of maps. I can't find them
Miikka - 5 år siden
Just race and eventually it finds a race with that kind of tracks
Niranjan Sridhar
Niranjan Sridhar - 6 år siden
I need ios fifa coins for FUT
Niranjan Sridhar
Niranjan Sridhar - 6 år siden
Ok i will try MMOGA
Basile Foré
Basile Foré - 6 år siden
They don't? It's like 1.50 or less for 100k MMOGA in tbe description
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low - 6 år siden
No one sells ios coins. Well some do but they sell them for a crap load.
Loekkiee - 6 år siden
this content has already been out for 2 of 3 weeks now on the other Sidemen's channels...
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 6 år siden
Make your GTA V videos longer!!!!!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Gosto
Harry Gosto - 6 år siden
You guys should death match/race vannoss gaming and friends
Adrian Lange
Adrian Lange - 6 år siden
Where's ksi?
George Walker
George Walker - 6 år siden
New videos plz
Simon - 6 år siden
1:20 did anyone noticed he skipped a whole lap
Simon - 6 år siden
no shit, butt i said did anybody noticed.
JumpingJackRocks - 6 år siden
Its called editing
Tino - 6 år siden
W2s Do you Play xbox one or ps4
arkinator - 6 år siden
This will only get 8 likes
Canon Lam
Canon Lam - 6 år siden
Well done Harry :)
A Miraki
A Miraki - 6 år siden
Leois12 - 6 år siden
Do any of them ever actually try to win??
Nassime Belkhiat
Nassime Belkhiat - 6 år siden
Why Always Miniminter Starts Talking in The begining ?!
Bruno Rebolo
Bruno Rebolo - 6 år siden
whats ethan's problem with people with  down syndrome !? fck off -.-
Woodzy Jr
Woodzy Jr - 6 år siden
The title is misleading, I came here to see some serious ketchup action, all I see if a video game. Disappointed and feeling used.
bmpAkaSpkR - 6 år siden
like this if you watched this in a Nokia 3310
Quiche - 6 år siden
What's the song at 3:00 ??
Spaz - 6 år siden
Two steps from hell - heart of courage
Stephen McElroy
Stephen McElroy - 6 år siden
Darude - sandstorm
VelocityFifa - 6 år siden
like this if your getting annoyed with people asking for likes on there comments
Faiz - 6 år siden
Nice trick, nearly fell for that
Ben McLoughlin
Ben McLoughlin - 6 år siden
FloatingPiggies - 6 år siden

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FloatingPiggies - 6 år siden
But a lot of people watch this video so.. Why not?
Anuk salgado
Anuk salgado - 6 år siden
This is a gaming channel...... This isnt the right place to say this
Achraf Jr
Achraf Jr - 6 år siden
Why u dont post it on the right time you assh**le i like u and ur videos but ur an assh**le!
Finlay Forder
Finlay Forder - 6 år siden
Great episode as normal keep it up top G
Richard Lechko
Richard Lechko - 6 år siden
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JSYCharlie - 6 år siden
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DL28 - 6 år siden
Guys pls support my channel like and sub I'll like ten of ur vids back and sub to u
Ahmad Masri
Ahmad Masri - 6 år siden
Under 301
DaDumm - 6 år siden
Wait what? Harry won? Is this the real life?
Ákos György
Ákos György - 6 år siden
This comment'll get exactly 69 comments
TuTru - 4 år siden
4 replies
zer0 - 6 år siden
digale19 - 6 år siden
digale19 - 6 år siden
arkinator - 6 år siden
Like if you like the vid
Reece The Beast
Reece The Beast - 6 år siden
Is it just me or does Harry (BlueJumperGaming)sound extremely like Wrote2shaw who plays fifa? I like him but now BJG
Reece The Beast
Reece The Beast - 6 år siden
BullionsFilm - 6 år siden
Please be joking.. Please...
OZFRecon - 6 år siden
Obvious troll is obvious. I hope u seriously didn't think that they were two different people -.- dumb kid
arkinator - 6 år siden
Like if you watched the vid
arkinator - 6 år siden
Don't like this comment please
FloatingPiggies - 6 år siden
arkinator - 6 år siden
Vezifiy - 6 år siden
These videos need to be longer
Harry - 6 år siden
Like this is you have a Large Penis!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - 5 år siden
Keep right on
James Heaney
James Heaney - 6 år siden
I can't like I cri everi tim
Ross - 6 år siden
@Harry Your obviously younger calling your self darude sandstorm little 12 year old
Ross - 6 år siden
Mark K
Mark K - 6 år siden
@Melted Cheese.
Shamrock Zombies
Shamrock Zombies - 6 år siden
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leo garbutt - 6 år siden
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Adam - 6 år siden
Internet bra?!?! YES PLEASE!
Matthew Mullarkey
Matthew Mullarkey - 6 år siden
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