W2S Plays GTA 5 - WOULD ONE BE MAD? - GTA 5 Funny Moments

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Ellie Acomb
Ellie Acomb - 2 måneder siden
last. literally, last comment was a year ago
Nigel Tube
Nigel Tube - År siden
That’s not Harry
Jake Brownless
Jake Brownless - 2 måneder siden
Yes it is
Mashaal Alameri
Mashaal Alameri - 3 år siden
My Chanel is (bison ksa)
Ciaran Hannan
Ciaran Hannan - 3 år siden
Thunder Bolt67
Thunder Bolt67 - 3 år siden
Hello from 2017
Boss Exp
Boss Exp - 4 år siden
They need to calm down all of them
Boss Exp
Boss Exp - 4 år siden
iiCashForFun - 4 år siden
who's watching this in 2016
Jeevzsk - 4 år siden
i am
iiCashForFun - 4 år siden
Daniel - 4 år siden
I am
Samuel Hines
Samuel Hines - 5 år siden
Do more GTA pls
luke saward
luke saward - 5 år siden
Who said the word 'spastic'
luke saward
luke saward - 5 år siden
You Ass
Tarren Johal
Tarren Johal - 5 år siden
They are frickin out for Harry they need to stop describing themselves by calling them selves retarded
Tarren Johal
Tarren Johal - 5 år siden
Bet your frickin rage in on Fifa
XxgrowtopiaGamingXx - 5 år siden
Kieran Marsh
Kieran Marsh - 6 år siden
Why is it like everyone hates harry im not defending him but its like they want to screw him over all the time

RFK7 GAMING - 6 år siden
You know if you hold A and turn with the LS stick left or right you can change the direction of your car in the air on GTA 5. Just a suggestion. Please mention me if you like what I have told you. Thank you.
Edward - 6 år siden
This vid was literally uploaded on my birthday
Willyawesome - 6 år siden
whats the song he plays before getting first?
Miles Ody
Miles Ody - 6 år siden
Ethan ur bent stfu
Richard - 6 år siden
Hi, if anyone wants to take a minute to take a look at my channel and maybe subscribe (if you like it) that'd be awesome, I'm really sorry to do this I just want to grow my audience, thanks.
Mini Mumford
Mini Mumford - 6 år siden
Tbjzl should stop saying stuff about disabillity people.
Razzer - 6 år siden
Ethan is shit!
ajax1025 - 6 år siden
Why was ethan such a dick!
Artic Smuggles
Artic Smuggles - 6 år siden
Fucking hate that ethan kid
callum anderson
callum anderson - 6 år siden
Ethan has to stop annoying harry
Andreas G
Andreas G - 6 år siden
U r so shit at every game
Jamie Morley
Jamie Morley - 6 år siden
Ethan so gay and mad
vvsKam - 6 år siden
1:26 We go both ways xD and look at the picture O.o guess what's happening between them.
Smokey - 6 år siden
i have youtube for like a 1 and a have year now and i have 60 subs i really put a lot of effort in to my videos/thumbnails i would really appreciate it if you just visit my channel/subscribe bye:)
Michael Roberto
Michael Roberto - 6 år siden
Poor harry
sacha davaine
sacha davaine - 6 år siden
Vikk legend
Evan Tutin
Evan Tutin - 6 år siden
W2s add me on xbox MVPz X TUTIN
robbie lark
robbie lark - 6 år siden
Is Ethan the fat 1?
robbie lark
robbie lark - 6 år siden
Guessing Ethan hates Harry
Dom T
Dom T - 6 år siden
is that vicks 4th channel :')
Isak - 6 år siden
Hahahaha harry always trying bad puns
mattyrrp - 6 år siden
Alexander Sell
Alexander Sell - 6 år siden
jumps are super KAWIA
Hakstar123 - 6 år siden
'Is that vik's fourth channel' LOL
ChloeMarieTV - 6 år siden
This is so old but it's funny
KW46KW - 6 år siden
Harry please play the Stanley parable
Dave Carr
Dave Carr - 6 år siden
do call of duty
MxttyJB - 6 år siden
Please do something other than GTA
Taylor - 6 år siden
Fuck Ethan
bradley Goodall
bradley Goodall - 6 år siden
They download them of rockstar
Laura KS
Laura KS - 6 år siden
Ksi you are so bad
Laura KS
Laura KS - 6 år siden
Harry you are bad at driving
James Clare
James Clare - 6 år siden
It seems like everyone hates Harry
Ok. - 6 år siden
Can you actually put some effort into these videos like the other Sidemen?
Tom Davis
Tom Davis - 6 år siden
I know the majority of you lot couldn't give sh!t about this but can you please subscribe or watch my first video it means a lot and if you subscribe I will subscribe back! Please help a fellow youtuber!
TheVibesFX - 6 år siden
how do you find all these races?
Im Deannn
Im Deannn - 6 år siden
How d you get all these races?!
Im Deannn
Im Deannn - 6 år siden
Where to find -_-
ISLivviDd_ - 6 år siden
Social club😐
Im Deannn
Im Deannn - 6 år siden
thatboyaldy - 6 år siden
Ethan was so pissed off at harry
Post-Brexit Pop Productions
Toby is sooooo annoying!!! Get him out of the sidemen. Always complaining! Can't he just have fun for 10 minutes each video??? Personally, he ruins some of these funtages.
JOSEF451 - 6 år siden
@Jon Trollsten they edit out some parts lol
jan pueblo
jan pueblo - 6 år siden
@Themenz98 ummm wHich?
Zufallsprodukt - 6 år siden
I'm Sorry, English is not my main language. But you know what I wanna try to say. And it's really unfair against TBJZL. That's not what fans doing and you know that :-)
Post-Brexit Pop Productions
@wwe4chan *What happened to the NOburn community? When NOburn started, users gave feedback. Now, they just use it to offend someone, wHich is not cool. I didn't try to offend you, I am only trying to offend the Sidemen. Learn how to write english before you speak to me. It just makes your argument look tacky, which it is already. It was my opinion and that's all, you didn't need to react to it.
Zufallsprodukt - 6 år siden
Wow hahahaha. What happenend to the NOburn community. When NOburn start, users gave there feedbacks. Now they use it to offending some one, which is not cool. And I didn't try to offend you. I only defending the Sidemen. :-)
Jrizzy Jeremy
Jrizzy Jeremy - 6 år siden
Love your vids! Hey guys Im trying to reach 100 subs in the summer and i only have 8 now :P feel free to watch my videos if you want and hopefully you find them funny! Thank you
TheChuggy09 - 6 år siden
Ethan needs to calm the fuck down
Dan126 W
Dan126 W - 5 år siden
pretty sure its a simile Toby not a metaphor
LegalizeRanch520 - 6 år siden
@Zlatan Ibrahimović well, at least he doesn't have nose like you,
Pjaylak11 - 6 år siden
@Zlatan Ibrahimović Calm down man, your not any better.
Uzair Yunas
Uzair Yunas - 6 år siden
@Zlatan Ibrahimović pipe down lads they don't even know you exist, stop brown tonguing harry aswell hahahaha
Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimović - 6 år siden
that fat shit, so annoying
Nick Martens
Nick Martens - 6 år siden
Why are they doing so like nobody likes harry just because youre main chanel have more subs then al of them togheter
Fifa Epiczz
Fifa Epiczz - 6 år siden
Sick Harry
Benjamin Jørgensen
Benjamin Jørgensen - 6 år siden
TANK PLAYER - 6 år siden
Ethan on his video's acts so formal and non-funny yet his one of the funniest side men when playing games like GTA. Upload more GTA Ethan and less fifa. And is it only me but does he have temper problems?!?! -_-
Ryan Raulia
Ryan Raulia - 6 år siden
There all sad to harry
The gamers
The gamers - 6 år siden
Hahaha I like these vids make more plz
Hasa - 6 år siden
nothing is funny 
kownabown - 6 år siden
ethan hates u 
JTM Heys
JTM Heys - 6 år siden
George Phillips
George Phillips - 6 år siden
Ethan went mad at harry
George Phillips
George Phillips - 6 år siden
Omg Shut the hell up
Connorgarrett__ - 6 år siden
Omg No one cares
JDF - 6 år siden
969 like yay
JDF - 6 år siden
86 comment yay lol
DOPE - 6 år siden
Sidemen vs crew fifa game
Danny Silcox
Danny Silcox - 6 år siden
Dee - 6 år siden
Nice vid
M9 Jenko
M9 Jenko - 6 år siden
this game is racist
OR extreme
OR extreme - 6 år siden
Where's Jj?
Jamie Broom
Jamie Broom - 6 år siden
Mad brown kid "is that Vicks 4th channel" hahahahahahah hahahah
FSxClanLeader - 6 år siden
Fraser smells
Olikissick Vlogs
Olikissick Vlogs - 6 år siden
815 like
Whatdaheck?? - 6 år siden
Harry......the sidemen dont really like u feel bad for u
DanielPlaysCoC - 6 år siden
9th dislike
CHW - 6 år siden
Wow, when did Ethan go on his period
The AA
The AA - 6 år siden
Lol all the subscriptions I checked have 301 on their lates view amazing!
Nico Alvizuri
Nico Alvizuri - 6 år siden
So u new around here?
3D Gamers Rule
3D Gamers Rule - 6 år siden
Watch 3D Gamers Rule
Adam - 6 år siden
Bro, you're so late with your uploads. The other guys uploaded this a month ago... Except JJ
The Legend27
The Legend27 - 6 år siden
@Mark Rezk He was in brazil at the time it was recorded
Mark Rezk
Mark Rezk - 6 år siden
Where is he though
Mackarosh - 6 år siden
I don't think KSI is in the video though.
Alan Pirie
Alan Pirie - 6 år siden
Great video
Cl4ymist3r - 6 år siden
I get this a lot. I troll my friends and they get pissed off. We were playing extinction and were at the part where you run back and we were passing thru the starting area. I went down and they kept running. I ended the game as I was host. Got a tidal wave of abuse. Was kinda funny tho.
luke tutus
luke tutus - 6 år siden
Good troll
DandiesOnTour - 6 år siden
Love this
Declan Campbell
Declan Campbell - 6 år siden
Harry they bullied you this full episode fuck Ethan up
Vidsball - 6 år siden
No Vik! Get in. :D
Dan F
Dan F - 6 år siden
Lol Harry just call Ethan fat
charldog - 6 år siden
They bullied harry so much this episode!
FrokehFrosch (Frosch)
FrokehFrosch (Frosch) - 6 år siden
sz ba
nmfcrobbie - 6 år siden
I can't be the only one that fucking hates Ethan
Joe Howard
Joe Howard - 5 år siden
he needs his head kicking in
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon - 6 år siden
Yes you are.
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson - 6 år siden
You are
Euan Jenkins
Euan Jenkins - 6 år siden
'Is that Vikks fourth channel' haha
7pitpat7 - 6 år siden
Can you play games which aren't gta please
A17 - 6 år siden
Ivan Rocha
Ivan Rocha - 6 år siden
who can lend a PSN account to copy the GTA V ????
Ivan Rocha
Ivan Rocha - 6 år siden
seriously then add me on PSN nitros_ivan and pass your account. Thank you
Liam Bennett
Liam Bennett - 6 år siden
Me :))
CJM - 6 år siden
@alex alves Idiot :L
Ivan Rocha
Ivan Rocha - 6 år siden
Nathan Mcinnes
Nathan Mcinnes - 6 år siden
301 crew
Jorge M
Jorge M - 6 år siden
KSI? NO? :(
Petar Zigic
Petar Zigic - 6 år siden
@***** why not? im 12
Jorge M
Jorge M - 6 år siden
Not cry kid. Dad is home.
Brandon Ridderhof
Brandon Ridderhof - 6 år siden
I dont think anyone in the Sideman likes Harry XD
Nur Najmi
Nur Najmi - 6 år siden
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith - 6 år siden